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March 4, 2007

Teenage Mutant Malabrigo

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teenage mutant ninja sock yarn- TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA SOCK YARN- TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA SOCK YARN- knitting on a sock toe, malabrigo!

I think I’m falling in love- with a type of yarn.  Ok, that’s a slight hyperbole, but it’s still very amazing.  These are my malabrigo socks:

cimg0119.JPG Notice how awesome they are.  What could possibly follow a project such as malabrigo socks?  Why, none other than malabrigo socks, of course!

cimg0122.JPG  cimg0123.JPGSocks for Madre!  And Socks for Madre on the Socks for Cait.  Oooo, malabrigo.

Ok, so surely, after knitting these socks for Madre, I’ll be moving on to some new yarn.  My beloved Alpaca perhaps?  Or maybe some sort of silk or cotton thingy?  The next yarn is purchased, and it is…

cimg0124.JPGMore malabrigo!!!!


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