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February 28, 2007

Madre’s Mittens

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And by “mittens” I mean “failed attempt at mittens; I’m resorting to hand warmers.”  Not that there’s anything wrong with hand warmers.  They… warm hands.  What better purpose can an article of clothing hope to attain?  And … uh oh, what’s this?  Madre’s mittens on a hand that’s not Madre’s?

Madres Mittenscimg0116.JPG


February 21, 2007


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Game o’ the day: Can you tell what is wrong with this bag?

Bag, sorta

February 20, 2007


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These are the world’s most beautiful mittens, a bag I am making, a scarf for Ruthie, and purple yarn for Madre’s mittens.  Can you tell which is which?MittensPurple YarnRuthie’s ScarfBag

Banana Split, Banana Split…

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I am The Cait.  I like to knit mittens.  Yes.

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